We at ST&M focus on several areas in addition to the preparation of tax returns. For business entities we understand the need for (and provide assistance with) bigger picture matters - such as creative tax planning as well as business and cash management. In addition, we are always ready to lend a hand with technology accounting and systems such as Quickbooks etc.
   It is also important to emphasize that ST&M has increasingly become more proactive with its clients in the area of estate planning and financial management. In this regard, ST&M has been providing an effective, cost-saving advantage to individuals by taking on the role as a coordinator with the client's attorney, financial adviser and insurance professionals etc. Since ST&M already has the client's key financial and historical data on hand, it has been found that much time and cost could be saved with a little coordinated planning with the other professionals - along with a little common sense.


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2661 Riva Road, Suite 520
Annapolis, Maryland 21401

Phone: 410.571.3195 l Fax: 410.571.5098 l email: info@stmcpas.com

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